Our mission is to make working out and staying fit as simple as possible. Our classes are designed so you will be able to get in and get out within one hour, but working to the absolute maximum of your capability. Our trainers will push you to your limits to help you break down any barriers in the way. We also believe in simplicity in payments, most of our members pay one fee per month to get access to unlimited classes. 

one day when it becomes your routine, you will know you’ve done it



Irving has a background in football and also the co-founder of OTW Fitness. He believes exercise does not need to be complicated and the most basic exercises when done correctly will bring results naturally. He also believes that the ‘science’ behind all successful fitness journeys are commitment and dedication, instead of complicated workouts and diets. 

Irving started getting into fitness when he learned that taking care of the body is just as if not more important that what you do in a specific sport. By staying fitter and reducing injury, performance will follow. 

He likes to host interactive classes and does not tolerate any slack in his classes!



Cath gained her coaching experience working at a Crossfit gym for 2 years, which gave her a broad exposure to different body types and movement patterns. Now she endeavours to apply the S&C knowledge and teaching experience here in OTW to help people in different fitness levels become the best version of themselves.

She believes that not only can exercising help us achieve a better physique and a healthier lifestyle in general, it is also the greatest way to build confidence and find our true inner strength.

Talk to Cath if you would like to focus on strength building and body recomposition!


Eva started her yoga journey in 2015 and found out yoga is not
only great exercise, but extremely important for mental health . By regularly practicing Aerial yoga, she discovered ways to increase her flexibility and strength simultaneously, and challenged herself to bring out the best of herself. 

Her yoga lessons are targeted towards stretching. core stability and tricks.  The first two elements are vital to achieve further levels in aerial yoga.