OTW stands for ‘On the way’, and is also the meaning behind the title. We believe we are all on the way to achieving more, whether it has anything to do with fitness or not. We hope to be with our clients as they walk to path to better health, and to guide them through the good and bad. 

We specialise in circuit training programmes, which provides the most effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our classes combine functional movements with easy to lift equipments, mixed with high intervals to make sure you are feeling great afterwards! We make sure that our programmes are diverse and are also fun and challenging while bringing results. We also provide Yoga classes to relax the body and mind. We have classes for adults, kids, youth, and families!

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Circuit Training consists of several stations where members will go around and do all the exercises. We will increase the work time and decrease the rest time to give a better challenge. Circuit Training is the best for short time effective workouts because it can activate the entire body, as well as help with weight loss and cardiovascular health!

If it is your first class, please come 30 minutes early to have a short introduction as well as take down your body composition details! Our trainers will take you through the process. 

Please wear comfortable sports clothing when attending classes

Remember, we train without shoes, so make sure to wear socks! 

We provide circuit training and yoga for adults, youth, kids, and families. We also provide customised training on a 1 on 1 basis. 

It is completely up to you, we recommend members to join on a regular basis to see results. Research shows that people who trained 3 times a week see far better results in weight loss, strength, and cardiovascular health (McLester John R. Jr., Bishop E., Gulliams, M.E., 2000) Our trainers will also arrange 1 on 1 meetings every 2 months to review progress and to set new goals with you. Before your first class, and at each review, you will also take down your body composition details so you have some numbers to compare! 

Our body composition analysis includes measuring weight, height, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Percentage, Water Percentage, and blood pressure.

We know hygiene is extremely important to a safe environment, therefore we ensure we clean all equipment with antibacterial formulas between each class, and also disinfect the floor area daily. We make sure each guest complies with COVID regulations regarding use of fitness facility.